The Western Satellites

They mix western, hillbilly, swing, blues, twang, and chili powder to form their version of Americana Blue Swing, with a dash of originals.

Don’t expect tuxedos.

We sound good if you keep your eyes on Margaret.

Margaret Bianchetta


  • Mighty Big Band: Veteran Member
  • Lyle Harris: Duet in Columbian & St. Louis
  • Hot Club Canary
  • Cause of countless bar fights.
  • Propositions by not one, but two surgeons
  • First call vocalist & musician

Vince Corkery

Doghouse Bass/Vocals

  • When asked to play “Out of Groove,” responds, “No can do”
  • St. Louis veteran of many styles
  • Member of: Orbits, Lonesome Pines, Sheldon Concert Hall Acoustic Aces
  • Will work for food…….

Bob Breidenbach

Elder Statesman/Lap Steel/Vocals

  • Lonesome Lap Steel, Dobro, vocalist
  • Knicname “El Guapo” (the handsome one)
  • “St. Louis musical genius”…River Deperes Yaht Club, has many years of gigs under his belt. Road Apples, Lonesome Pines, Orbits, Sheldon Concert Hall’s Acoustic Aces, Palominos, to name just a few.
  • Phantom killer of Gene Vincent’s dog
  • Ruthless daytrader

Scott Hughes


  • True farmer of group
  • Favorite driving beer . . . Natural Light
  • Refuses to pay more than $45 for any drum set
  • Plays oldest snare drum this side of the Mason Dixon Line
  • Member of: _____
  • Don’t call during deer season

John Ferber


  • Stage Name “Johnny Fervor”
  • St. Louis veteran of many styles
  • Member of: Aviation Club, Lettuce Heads, Lydia’s Trumpet, Orbits, Swingset, etc., etc.,
  • Loves to take you on a swingin’ ride.
  • Has a seatbelt attached to his guitar.